The Stretta Procedure and Cayce Remedies

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Acid Reflux and Gastro-reflux oesophagitis are practically synonymous in their nature, and their most obvious symptom is heartburn. Symptoms also appear in the mouth bitter, acidic belching, persistent dry cough, sore throat morning, hoarseness, insomnia, and others. The Gastro-reflux esophagitis is a condition in which the lower oesophageal sphincter, whose function is to protect the delicate oesophageal mucosa by the high acidity of gastric juices, has weakened for some reason. What happens is that the gastric juices are overflowing into the oesophagus causing damage to the sensitive mucosa. Over time this can cause inflammation, ulceration and, if the condition becomes serious and prolonged, may be due to oesophageal cancer. The traditional medical treatments include changes in diet, use of antacids, and two different pharmacological approaches: H2 blockers (like Zantac) and proton pump inhibitor PPI (such as Prilosec). There is now a new and viable medical procedure, the “Stretta procedure”, which can help reduce dependence on PPI.

The prospect of Cayce
Although Cayce (he was an American photographer, but much more famous as a faith healer and clairvoyant) has never identified the term “gastro-reflux esophagitis,” many of the people who went to him for a reading clearly show the symptoms of Gastro-oesophageal reflux with phrases such as “regurgitation continue,” “feelings of burning “,” spasms cardiac and accumulation of gas in the duodenum. Not surprisingly, the Cayce readings have many interesting natural preparations for those who suffer from this problem physiology. As always the advice of Cayce for persons seeking help were related to the individual situation. However we can find common denominators in many of these readings as well as the use of several key remedies. Indications Cayce that presented here can be adapted to individual needs.

The common denominator
The overall picture given by Cayce about the Gastro-reflux oesophagitis showed a systemic nature of the problem rather than restrict their topical area to stomach-oesophageal area. He explains: “These conditions, for what we see, can be alleviated if the body can dispose of substances that cause the pathological condition and if it can take over and produce what can alleviate it, then restoring the right balance and coordination within the organization. ” In another reading he states explicitly that the situation arising from similar symptoms to the Gastro-reflux oesophagitis fatigues the entire digestive system, highlighting in this as in other readings the impact they can have digestive problems on renal function . He clearly suggests to maintain a proper balance of the entire system so as to produce long-term results such as reduction or elimination of symptoms.

Specific remedies
Diet. Indications of Cayce for what concerns the diet advances to the recommendations of modern medical science. “No red meat. No bread flour. No large amounts of starches, although they must be part of the diet. At least seventy percent of the diet should always consist of foods with alkaline reaction”. In other readings are shows the negative effect of fried foods and combinations deleterious as citrus juices and cereals in the same meal. A reading in particular, suggests that at least one meal a day is made up entirely of raw foods, a concept that many nutritionists endorse our times.

Bowel irrigation. Intestinal irrigation or enemas, are frequently mentioned as a means to bring balance and normalcy in the entire organism. A specific regime of enemas (suggested in one case that showed acid reflux) was as follows: “three times in the first month, one in the following month, in two months later, and the next one. This should be sufficient for the expulsion of toxins from the body. “

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